Why You Might Want a Tight Back Sectional

When you visit a local furniture retailer to find a sectional that will be a good fit for your home, you'll want to note the back style of each. Some sectionals have what is known as a "tight back" style. This means that their back cushions have a tighter look and feel. Conversely, you'll also find loose back sectionals, which are known for having back cushions that are thick and plush. Both styles can be appealing for different reasons, but you may find that the tight back design is a better choice. Here are some reasons to buy this type of sectional couch.

Good Back Support

A sectional that has thick, plush back cushions will allow your body to sink deeply into it when you sit down and lean back. This feeling might excite some people, but if you have back pain, it won't be a good choice. A tight back sectional can be ideal for those with back discomfort because this type of cushion offers better back support. It allows you to sit in more of an upright manner, which can prevent your spine from getting into positions that could exacerbate your pain. The firmer back support will also make it easier for elderly people to get up after sitting on the sectional; with a loose back design, they might be leaning so far back that they struggle to lean forward.

Formal Appearance

In most cases, you'll find that a tight back sectional offers more of a formal appearance than its counterparts. While a loose back sectional can be a fun choice in a basement rec room or a home theater, a tight back style has an upscale appearance that can make it a good fit for a formal living room or even a spacious master bedroom. Because tight back sectionals are available in several materials and colors, you won't have trouble picking out a piece of furniture that suits the formal decor of your home.

No Cushion Care Needed

When you own a loose back sectional, you can find that you're constantly caring for the back cushions. After someone sits on the sectional for a period of time, the cushion behind them can appear sunken. You'll want to adjust it in your hands to give it a full look again. A tight back product doesn't require this type of care. After someone stands up, the cushion behind them will look the same as it always does. If you appreciate the simplicity of not having to constantly adjust the cushions, the tight back style will be right for you.