Three Places To Use Drafting Chairs In Your Office

When you visit an office furniture supplier to evaluate what seating solutions you can add to your place of work, you'll almost certainly come across a selection of drafting chairs. While drafting chairs can vary in design, they often look like standard office chairs that are elevated higher off the ground. Because of their height, they'll typically have a circular footrest positioned between the seat and the base of the chair to provide comfort for the user. Drafting chairs can be useful in a variety of locations around your office, including the following:

Drafting Table

As their name suggests, drafting chairs are designed for use at drafting tables. A drafting table is an elevated, angled structure that people use for design work. For example, if you have someone on your staff who creates designs for your company's marketing, they may favor using a drafting table at some point during the process. A drafting table can also be useful for someone who needs to spread out a large number of paper documents in front of them, perhaps reviewing them with one or more colleagues. While it's possible to stand at a drafting table, having a drafting chair will ensure that the person who uses this type of table doesn't get fatigued during the day.

Adjustable-Height Desks

Some office workers have adjustable-height desks that they can use while standing or while seated in a conventional office chair. Sometimes, people don't want to bother with the process of lowering their desks from the elevated to the lower position. In these scenarios, having drafting chairs handy for people to use can be ideal. The elevated height of a drafting chair means that someone can sit on it and be at the right height to use an adjustable-height desk that is in the raised position.

Reception Area

In some offices, the reception desk is elevated, which means that the receptionist may use a stool. Some stools can be comfortable, but they also lack the back support and some of the additional features that you'll find in other types of seating. If you want to offer your receptionist a seat that is more comfortable to use throughout the day, a drafting chair can be a good choice. They'll be able to raise or lower this chair so that they're at the right height for their desk, and the back support and armrests of this chair will allow them to be comfortable while they sit. Visit an office seating furniture supplier to assess its selection of drafting chairs.