Murphy Beds Dress Up Small Spaces With Shelves And Sofas

Murphy beds solve an age-old problem by transitioning a small space from a sleeping area to a living room without sacrificing square footage.

As Murphy beds have evolved, they are no longer limited as wall beds in a fixed location. Functionality is key, and modern takes include unique storage solutions, cabinetry, and seating options designed to maximize small spaces. It is quite a jump from their original creation as a basic closet bed.

For renters or apartment owners with minimal floor space and longing for a traditional sleep setup with a full-size mattress, linens, and plenty of pillows, the Murphy bed is worth exploring.

Murphy beds maximize studio apartment spaces

Bed size is a primary consideration when shopping for a Murphy bed. While the bed folds up on demand, an adequate amount of floorspace is needed for it to lower fully and allow for easy setup. When the folded bed is stored in a plain cabinet or closet, it becomes a standalone fixture in the room, so planning ways to incorporate it into the décor are essential.

Sofas make the Murphy bed ready for the living room

Many modern Murphy beds are dynamic and include additional components to maximize your space and minimize the impact the bed has on a room when not in use.

In a studio apartment, Murphy beds with a sofa provide an easy way to transition from relaxing to sleeping. When it is time to sleep, the bed folds down over the top of the sofa, and the couch provides additional support for the mattress frame. Entertaining? The bed folds up, and the cozy seating area appears.

Shelves convert the spare room Murphy bed into a home office

Murphy beds with shelving units are an excellent way to offset the size of a larger bed and pull double-duty as a storage center.

Shelving options range from basic shelves on the front or side of the bed unit to complex home organization solutions. Many models feature standalone bookcases on either side, while others use floating shelves to conceal the bed. Booklovers can even opt for both to create a daytime library and a cozy bedtime book nook.

Advanced configurations also make the Murphy a comprehensive solution for a spare bedroom doubling as a home office. Work-from-home ready models include fold-down tabletops for impromptu workstations, and even the most basic Murphy removes a distracting bed from your virtual meetings.

When the Murphy bed was invented, it was a creative way to separate the living and sleeping area and develop a multi-functional space. Years later, it still evolves to meet new challenges in studios, apartments, lofts, and guest bedrooms.