A Quick Guide To Modern Wall Decor Options

As you plan out decorations for your wall, one artistic style you will often come across is modern. Modern art features sleek and abstract designs, with a variety of material finishes available. Planning out the decor for your wall may seem overwhelming, especially with so many modern options. Follow this quick guide to get the process started and have some fresh ideas.


When you shop for modern decor, one of the easiest ways to stay organized is to pick a shape. When you stick with a specific shape, you can easily match pieces and have an overall theme for the room. For example, you may select a circle as your shape of choice.

As you shop for circle designs, you may come across modern pieces formed into circular shapes or with circular frames. You can expand to include oblong shapes like ovals as well. Using shapes as the anchor point gives you specific items to look for and will help you narrow down your decor options.


Many modern art pieces feature a metal finish to the design. The metal finish could be painted on another material like wood or plastic. You could also purchase solid metal pieces made with elements like steel. Metal is often finished with other colors or reflective surfaces like chrome.

Try to stick to similar metal elements so the pieces match each other and create a cohesive look. For example, a shiny gold piece may clash with a more subdued natural steel element. Choose a single piece that you love and base the supplemental pieces off the original option.

A lot of modern pieces will mix in metal with nature. For example, you could find a metal decor piece in the shape of a tree. The contrast of the shape and metal creates a unique piece and is a fun style to shop around for as you select decor.


Modern home wall decor products are often large and bold. Ideally, you want to select a single oversized piece as the centerpiece for the wall. For example, you could have a huge design sit over a couch. A single large piece becomes the focal point of a room and allows you to add smaller pieces around the larger size.

Even when you decorate on opposite walls, you want to ensure you have one big piece per room and go from there. If you have too many large pieces the whole flow of the room can become a distraction.

Each room in the home gives you a chance to explore different options. Shop for modern art online, such as at a store like A Little Country Store, and pay attention to the sizes of products to have a clear understanding of exactly how big the design is.