Should You Invest in a Fancy Bed?

Should you invest in a fancier bed, like a Tempurpedic or another high-end mattress? The average mattress can last for several years and the average adult needs seven or more hours of sleep a night. This means up to 30% or more of your 24-hour day is spent sleeping, so you need a mattress that can best meet your comfort needs.

Should you invest in a fancy bed? A Tempurpedic or other high-end style mattress can be a better investment for you to get the great rest you need and to help you feel better during the day. From a health perspective, investing in a quality mattress is well worth it since so much of your time is spent asleep. Better sleep means better overall physical and mental health, so if your mattress is older or uncomfortable, then it's time to make the switch.

Here are just a few signs you need a new mattress, and that investing in a quality one is right for you. Your mattress specialist can show you several styles of mattresses to give you the information you need to make the right decision.

You need more controlled sleep

Many fancier and higher-quality mattresses are known for being both firm and comfortable to sleep on. Others still, like the Tempurpedic, are known for allowing the user to have some temperature control of their sleep. If you prefer to sleep warmer than others or cooler, then you may benefit from a quality mattress that offers these features. If you're on a budget, then choose from the more affordable end of a mattress lineup since many mattress supplies and manufacturers carry several models at varying prices of the same brand.

You need more supportive sleep

It can be hard to combine both supportive and comfortable sleep in one, which is something higher-end mattress brands excel in. If you need custom support for your hips, neck, shoulders, back, and other pressured points and joints, then a memory foam quality mattress may be best for you. You'll find that many Tempurpedic and other styles of beds can fit this need easily.

Visit a mattress store such as Mattress Xperts to try out several beds before choosing the one that works best for you. If you have a medical condition that impacts your joints or circulation, speak to your doctor about your options for healthy sleeping habits. A quality mattress can add years of quality sleep to your life, which is worth any investment in the end.