Benefits Of Switching To Glass Chair Mats In Your Business

Chair mats have been used in businesses for decades. The mats help protect flooring from damage and help give a grounded area for your office workers and their chairs. Regardless of the reason you are using chair mats in your office, you may find that the rubber or plastic ones are just not cutting it. If this is the case, switching to a glass chair mat may be ideal. If you haven't looked at glass mats as an option, here are some of the benefits to consider. 

Scratch Resistance

If you have been using rubber or plastic chair mats, then you know how they look after long-term use. The plastic or rubber may begin to scratch and look hazy. This can make the area look dirty or old. Neither of these looks is good for your staff or for anyone that may be a guest in the area. One of the leading benefits of using glass chair mats is the fact that they are scratch-resistant. This means that over long-term use, you will not see the scratch damage or haze that other options have. 

Maximum Weight

Many office chairs are heavy on their own. When you add a person's body weight, you end up with a large amount of constant weight. It is this weight that makes many business owners worry when it comes to glass mats. This worry is well-founded since the traditional ideal of sitting on glass or putting something heavy on glass tends to lead to broken glass and fragments of glass everywhere. When you decide to use glass chair mats, you will find the weight limit is fairly high. In fact, many of the glass mats available have a high weight limit.

Shape Options

You may be concerned about the shape of the glass mat. For some spaces, a traditional large square mat may not work. This is due to the cubicle size, shape, and the space taken up by other objects like filing cabinets. This means that the shape of the mat is vital to fitting safely into the cubicle spaces you have. Having multiple shapes and sizes of glass mats available is a leading benefit for some business owners. This allows you to find the right size, shape, and design for your cubicles rather than going with a strict design that has no other options for your needs. 

Contact your area office supply dealer when you are ready to start buying glass chair mats. There are several designs and sizes. For this reason, make sure you have the measurements you need in mind. This will help ease the ordering process. Make sure to consider all the options in order to find the right mats for not only your employees but also for the aesthetic of the work area and building.  

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