Some Great Things About Solid Hardwood Furniture

When you are looking for furniture for your home, you want to buy furniture that's going to be durable and last for as long as you decide you want to continue using it. If you've ever seen an antique dresser in good shape and wondered why it's still solid while your dresser fell apart after one move, the answer's solid wood. Older furniture was made with solid hardwood and that's why you can still find so much antique furniture that's standing strong to this day. A lot of the furniture made today is made with particleboard and other substitutions for wood that don't work nearly as well. Here is more on solid hardwood furniture: 

Solid wood furniture can last for decades

Since solid hardwood furniture is so durable, it has the potential to last for decades or even centuries. It doesn't take too much to take care of solid wood furniture, either. You just want to keep it out of extreme sunlight and ensure it isn't exposed to water or too much humidity. When you are looking for furniture that you can keep around for a long time, you want to specifically go for solid wood. If the furniture is made with both wood and particleboard, this is still not good. The wood parts will last, but the particle board pieces can't be counted on to last too long at all. 

Solid hardwood furniture can be redone and changed over the years

You don't really have to worry about solid hardwood furniture going out of style. One of the great things about it is most pieces can be refurbished down the line to give them a whole new look. You can stain the wood to change the look of the wood itself, paint the piece to make it look entirely different, or do something else to change its appearance. A light-colored solid wood rocking chair may be what you want for your porch now, and that's great. However, many years from now, your body may be sore from aging, and your home may be done in darker colors. You can take that same light solid wood rocking chair, stain it dark, and attach cushions to make it more comfortable. 

Solid hardwood furniture is easy to maintain and clean

You'll appreciate knowing that solid hardwood furniture is also going to be easy to maintain. It can be wiped clean and even polished to keep it looking great. However, you can expect furniture to get scratched up throughout the years. Luckily, when scratches happen to hardwood furniture, they can be removed and the piece can be brought back to looking new again.

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