Three Benefits Of An "L"-Shaped Desk

If you're setting up a home office, there will be several pieces of furniture that you need. It's common to start by shopping for a desk, as this will likely be the largest piece of furniture that you have in your office. A furniture store will carry all sorts of desks that may appeal to you, including a number that are "L" shaped. These desks are popular in traditional office environments, but can also be useful in a home office. If you're thinking about getting a desk with this shape, here are three benefits that it will offer.

More Working Space

The biggest benefit of an "L"-shaped desk over most other desks is the large amount of working space that it offers. If you compare the size of the working space of a few "L"-shaped desks with standard rectangular desks, you shouldn't have any trouble seeing the difference. This extra space can be handy in countless ways. For example, you might set your computer up on one half of the "L" shape and leave the other open for books, documents, and other items that you need to spread out while you work. The same number of materials on a standard rectangular desk can quickly make it feel cluttered, but this won't be an issue with an "L"-shaped design.

Suitable For Corners

A standard rectangular desk doesn't always work well in the corner of a room. For example, if you were to position one of these desks in a corner, you might be sitting so that one of the walls is just a few inches from your shoulder. This could cause a claustrophobic, unpleasant feeling. "L"-shaped desks, on the other hand, work very well in corners. When you sit at the desk, you'll be well away from the walls and your work environment won't feel cramped. This is vitally important when you'll be in this space for the entire workday.

Degree Of Privacy

A lot of "L"-shaped desks feature a tall bookcase behind one of the two sides of the desk. Not only does this bookcase provide useful storage space, but it can also offer privacy. This is extremely valuable in a home office environment. For example, if you set up the desk so that the bookcase prevents your family members from seeing you while they pass by the room, they may feel less inclined to interrupt you. Saving multiple interruptions throughout your workday can increase your productivity. Shop for an "L"-shaped desk at your local furniture store.