Buying a Bunk Bed With Stairs? Here Are Some Points to Consider

When you shop through bedroom furniture for a bunk bed to use in your child's bedroom, one of the early decisions that you'll have to make is whether you'll choose a piece of furniture that has a ladder or one that has stairs. You can expect to find several examples of each type at your local furniture store, so it's worthwhile evaluating the merits of each. Many parents favor stairs because they're safer than a ladder for a child to navigate — especially in the dark. If you're leaning toward a bunk bed with stairs, you should look at a few models and choose one that offers these things.

Non-Slip Surface

When your child is going up or down their bunk bed stairs, you want to be confident that they'll be able to do so safely. An important safety feature to look for is a non-slip surface on the stairs of the bunk bed. These stairs are commonly made of wood, which can be a little slippery on its own. Stairs that have rubber on the treads or that use another method of providing traction can ensure that your child will have enough traction to safely use the stairs. This will especially be important when your child is wearing socks, which can be slippery on bare wood.


It's always handy when you buy a piece of furniture that is designed for one specific purpose but that finds a way to offer storage space. When you shop for a bunk bed with stairs, you'll see some models that have storage in the stairs themselves. Commonly, this means that the tread risers double as drawer fronts, allowing your child to store all sorts of items out of sight. Whether your child uses this storage space for toys, extra clothing, or even books, you'll appreciate the useful storage space that the bed's stairs provide.


In some bunk beds, the stairs are on the narrower side. In other designs, the stairs will be considerably wider. While you'll always have to keep in mind how well a particular bunk bed will fit in a child's room, it's ideal if you can choose a bed that has wider stairs. They'll be easier for your child to use than narrower stairs. If your child is initially a little uncertain about climbing to the top of the bunk bed, wider stairs will feel more comfortable to navigate. Look for a bunk bed with stairs that feature these attributes at a local furniture store.