Buy 24-Hour Chairs For These People In Your Office

When you're assessing the seating needs of those who work in your office and are evaluating what types of chairs might be best, it's a good idea to visit a furniture store that offers a large variety of office seating. As you browse your options, you'll likely come across a type of chair that is known as a 24-hour chair. The name of this chair relates to the fact that it's extremely comfortable, making it ideal for long-term sitting. While it's unlikely that you have anyone at your company who sits for anything close to 24 hours, buying some of these chairs can still be a good idea. If you have these people in your office, consider providing them with 24-hour chairs.

Customer Service Reps

While a lot of office workers get up from their desks and move around the office countless times a day, there are those who remain seated for the entirety of their shifts, minus short breaks. Customer service representatives often fit into this category. These employees typically handle dozens of calls throughout the day and sit in front of a computer so that they have access to useful information that they can relay to customers. Given the amount that they sit, it's important for your customer service reps to be comfortable. Providing 24-hour chairs can be valuable in this regard.


At some companies, the receptionist handles multiple tasks — perhaps greeting people as they arrive, while also performing an assortment of administrative duties. In other companies, receptionists primarily deal with visitors, likely because there's a constant flow of people entering the office. If the latter scenario describes your company's receptionist, they may rarely get up from their desk during the workday. The comfort of a 24-hour chair will be appealing for this employee, given the amount that they sit.


Another employee who can benefit from the significant comfort of a 24-hour chair is a dispatcher. All sorts of companies use dispatchers, including courier services, emergency services, and more. A dispatcher will remain seated for virtually their entire work shift, so a comfortable chair is critical. Dispatchers need to focus carefully on their job, and using an uncomfortable chair could be an unnecessary distraction that could potentially affect a dispatchers' ability to do their job. Browse the selection of 24-hour chairs at an office furniture store to find some that suit your budget and will be a good visual fit in your office space.