Ensure That Your New Patio Table Has These Things

A patio table is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you can add to your outdoor living area. It's a place that your family members and guests will use frequently over the years — not only for eating, but also for playing board games, working on laptop computers, and more. When you shop for a patio table at a store that carries an extensive range of patio furniture, you'll see all sorts of designs. Regardless of what shape and materials you favor, it's ideal if you can choose a patio table that offers these three things.

Umbrella Holes

When you're looking for products that will make the time that you spend on your patio as comfortable as possible, an umbrella is certainly something that you'll want to get. If you plan to get an umbrella, it's imperative that you choose a patio table that is equipped with umbrella holes. Many are, but you'll see some products that aren't. The presence of a pair of holes — one in the surface of the table and another in the support that connects the legs together — will allow the table to hold the umbrella in a stable manner, providing shade and protection from the rain.

Heavy Weight

You'll notice that there can be a considerable discrepancy in the weight of different patio tables. While those that are light in weight can be desirable because they're easy to move, it's advantageous to shop for a table that has a heavyweight. In reality, you probably aren't going to move the patio table around very much, and its heavyweight will often come in handy. In heavy winds, you won't have to worry about the table moving — something that is possible with a lighter table. Additionally, when people lean on the edge of the table while getting up from their chairs, the table won't tip.

Weather-Resistant Finish

A patio table will be exposed to the elements, so you want to choose a product that will do a good job of withstanding moisture. If you favor a metal table, look for something that is powder-coated. This coating will help to prevent the metal from rusting. If wood is more appealing to you, you'll want a table that has coats of stain on the wood, rather than bare wood.

Visit a patio furniture supplier to browse its selection of tables and find one that suits your style.