Features That Can Give A Double Throne Chair A Regal Look

If you love buying new pieces of furniture for your home and are looking for something that will have a big visual impact in your living room, a double throne chair is an idea to explore. This piece of furniture is wide enough to accommodate two people, which will come in handy if you often host large gatherings. Its biggest value, however, is arguably the upscale look that it adds to the room. Many double throne chairs have a regal appearance, which is something that you may enjoy. Here are some design features that help to give this type of furniture a regal look.

Gold Finish

There's a good chance that a lot of your existing furniture has muted hues. For example, many people have sofas and chairs in various shades of gray, brown, and blue. A big reason that a double throne chair offers a regal look for your home is its use of gold. Many of these chairs have a gold finish on the wood that makes up their frame. You probably don't have any other furniture that is gold, which means that your double throne chair will become a focal point as soon as you place it in your living room.

Intricate Carvings

The wood in a double throne chair is often intricately carved, which is a departure from many modern pieces of furniture. For example, a lot of standard armchairs have straight pieces of wood for their legs and frame. When you look at a selection of throne chairs, however, you'll see that virtually all of them have intricate carvings throughout their frames. The carvings can vary—you may see representations of small flowers, animals, and more. Each of these carvings can help to support the regal look of this piece of furniture.

Plush Tufted Padding

While the wooden frame around the double throne chair has a regal look, the padding on the seat and back can certainly support this theme, too. Generally, you'll see plush tufted padding in a bright, rich-looking color that will make it stand out from your other furniture. Deep red, navy blue, and other similar hues are easy to find when you look at a selection of these chairs. On some pieces of furniture, the buttons used in the tufted look will be gold to match the frame of the chair. Learn more about double throne chairs by visiting a local furniture store.