Furnish Your Balcony

If a hard-backed chair and a small table are the only two items that are currently on your balcony, the lack of comfort and the minimal amount of furnishings can limit your time spent outdoors. Decide in what way you would like to use the balcony and purchase outdoor furniture that will support your plans.


Take measurements of the balcony, including its width and length. Omit the space needed to enter and exit the balcony since this area will need to remain clear for foot traffic. Balconies make suitable areas for gliding.

A glider is similar to a swing but will not possess a wide range of motion. A glider includes models that resemble a couch and that are supported by a wooden or metal frame and chair-like models that are smaller in size but that operate the same.


Rattan or wicker furnishings contain woven vines and are often seen outdoors during the spring and summer. To promote a tropical vibe, purchase cushions that contain a coconut or palm tree print on them. Floral patterns that portray a series of bright-colored flowers will also help you create a setting that is suitable for the warmest months of the year.

If you would like to add a furniture ensemble that is reminiscent of a living room setup, buy a patio loveseat or a couch that contains a washable cover. Either of these furnishings will pair well with a couple of cushioned chairs that are constructed in a similar material.


If you can picture yourself enjoying an evening breeze while seated at a dining table, a small dinette set will transform the balcony into an area where occasional meals can be enjoyed. A table will need to be sturdy enough so that it doesn't tip over on windy days. Purchase a table that contains a weighted, metal frame.

Stackable chairs will allow you to increase the amount of floor space that you are provided with on occasions when you will not be eating outdoors. If you choose furnishings that are small in size, you may have enough room to set up a dining area in the center of the balcony and to create a small seating area along one side of the balcony.

Shop around for versatile furnishings that can be elongated and folded up. During the months when you will not be spending time outside, store all of the outdoor furnishings in your garage or shed. Visit an outdoor furniture store to see what's available.